Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I didn't buy anything!

After my whining last night, I went straight to bed. I didn't buy a new computer thingamagig or a thingamabob. I did not buy upgrades for my high end software. I didn't buy an iPhone or a new laptop. I didn't even buy a book or a few songs for my iPod. Though I was sorely tempted, I was strong of resolve not to succumb to boredom shopping. I went to sleep, instead, and miracle of miracles I feel somewhat better this morning and best of all I don't have buyer's remorse.


Angela, MOther Crone said...

Good for you! I shall try that myself next time!

zilla said...

Well done!

I've been battling the same urge this week. I even asked for and received permission to buy a car in order to alleviate the problem of three licensed drivers and only two vehicles. I've spent hours online shopping for a car. I have not bought a car. I can plan; I can share; I can walk; when spring is spring, I will be able to ride a bike. I do not need another car.

I think I might need a treadmill, though. The gym would then be one less destination for the car, right?

I'm not quite over the urge. You're my role model. If you give in, I'm getting a treadmill!

wisteria said...

I've been wanting a Stairmaster, so I may not be the role model you need. I keep telling myself that less stuff is freeing and that if I really wanted to exercise would walk outside. You, at least, have the excuse that exercising outside would be uncomfortably cold.

mull-berry said...

We need to think of a blog game! Let's all take a picture of the same thing then post it! Anyone want to play?

A couple of ideas ... something blue, or round, or old or .... Wisteria, let your kids decide!

wisteria said...

I would love a blog game!!!! Does it have to be blue and round? Or just blue to go with your spectrum thingie? I'll post tomorrow. I was bogged down with last minute W-2s, W-3s, 941s, 944s, 940s, and state forms. I have just finished and it is getting dark, so I won't photograph until tomorrow. Let's do blue only. I have an idea or two.