Sunday, January 28, 2007

What Can You Do To Make A Ten Year Old Boy Supremely Happy?

Give him a flame thrower and let him burn the Bermuda grass out of your garden. You would have never known the job was classified work. The process will have to be repeated a few times before the main garden is planted and he is excited to help. We need more jobs like this.

While Pink Panther torched everything that wasn't too wet to burn, Princess and I cleaned the asparagus beds and got them ready for production. We found a few asparagus tips peeping. How exciting!!!! The temps are supposed to dip to 20 tonight. I hope they don't get nipped.


zilla said...

Oh, how you make me ache, you down there in central Mississippi with your hot hot hot twenty degrees and ratsy-nasty invasive Bermuda grass!

A month ago I was thinking, "Hmmm. Warm enough out here to start tomatoes!" Today I'm ready to wring the plowman's neck, but I'm too frozen to grasp even a snow shovel handle.

I wore SOCKS today, and I NEVER wear socks!

Thanks for the hint of a Spring in the offing, and for allowing me the indulgence of a midwinter's grumble :-) You're a peach, and you can probably grow them!

wisteria said...

I'm ready for Spring though the only difference between Winter and Spring is the temperature of the muck you have to wade through to get to the barn. We get lots of rain in January and February. I'm ready to start schlepping through the warmer muck we call February.