Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm Bored!

How many times have I heard my children say, "I'm bored" when there are plenty of useful or intellectually stimulating tasks to pursue? I would have to say hundreds. I think Princess has said it twice just today. I know how she feels.


I'm bored with work; I'm bored with school; I'm bored with the farm. There is plenty to do, so technically the word bored should not enter my vocabulary, but

I need some excitement!

I crave a new and difficult problem to solve. I long for Spring to spring. I want a new toy. I need a change. I want something different to happen. I have no right to complain, because so many things in my life are going well. School is the best it has ever been. There have been no farm mini-disasters. We just added some more pecan trees to replace some of the aged and Katrina broken. We had a new baby calf just this weekend. The Yellow Dog has stopped chasing cows and eating chickens. He will still drag the cats around if you're not watching. My family is wonderful. Life is good.

YET. . .

I have this restlessness that plagues me every year about this time.

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Angela, Mother Crone said...

You catch this bug occasionally too? I have it more often than I would like to admit, and find that the last place I need to be is new the computer and online shopping. Even Ebay can quickly drain the bank account!
My worst...books...