Friday, January 19, 2007

Seed Catalogs

All the seed catalogs have been delivered and I find myself salivating over pictures of luscious vegetables. I am lured by the pictures and descriptions and find myself tempted to buy enough seeds for a garden twice the size of what I have. This year I have promised myself to draw a diagram of my garden and measure the reality of space against my hunger for fresh tender green, orange, yellow, and red things. I will not rely on memory to determine how many seeds are saved in the freezer. I will stand firm because I know a family of four does not need 10 varieties of tomatoes, 4 types of green beans, 5 types of peppers, 4 types of squash, or 2 or three types of eggplant unless they are setting up a roadside market, and we are not.

Before the ground is tilled, before the seeds are planted, before the weeds begin growing, and before the summer temperatures rise above 100 and the mosquitoes are out for blood, an enormous garden seems so easy.

I will not be tempted. I will not be tempted. I will not be tempted.

But that Sweet Valentine lettuce with red ruffled leaves looks so delectable, and so does Tango lettuce with frills of green. How about a sweet pepper with the irresistible name, Lipstick? Can I leave it off my order? Wouldn't that Green Zebra tomato look fantastic with my German Stripeds. Should I try an orange tomato like the Valencia? My husband requires daily salsa made with three different tiny tomatoes - the yellow pear, Matt's Wild, and Sungold (orange). Should I deprive him?

I need help. I truly have a sickness.


doc said...

Have you used either of these seed companies before? I'm looking to order from them. Where do you usually order from?

zilla said...

It's a beautiful sickness, though.

wisteria said...

I like Territorial Seed, which I think is very close to you


and Johnnys Seeds

I like these because they have many heirlooms and I just like the people. I have gotten seeds from bountiful gardens. I don't have a catalog for fedco seeds. I will look at their site even though I don't need any more temptation.

Angela, MotherCrone said...

You know, you haven't lived until you have had confetti pepper relish on your burgers, and that requires four varieties of peppers. I'll send you the recipe.

Just trying to help, as one similarly addicted.

Almost Lazarus said...

I will check those out too. I'm giving in to my temptation this year, heh heh. What's a little more work when you live on a farm, eh?

wisteria said...

Angela, I don't really need any of that kind of help. I can over purchase and over produce just fine by myself.

Seriously, send that recipe! I would like to try it.

wisteria said...

Doc, You're correct! The work never stops. At least with the garden, the results are eatable and beautiful. The garden work also stops in the winter, or slows.