Thursday, February 01, 2007


Mull-berry suggested in the comments of the last post that we play a game to alleviate boredom. I love games, so I will start. Here is the blue picture. My sister thinks that if we are going to play a game we should have some rules or, at least, some general direction. Since I am first to post, I will add some. Take a close up picture of some ordinary blue household object. Post it and let people guess what it is.

I'm at a disadvantage because it has been raining for two days and I don't want to stand in the rain to take a picture.

All right. Everyone go take pictures!

I'll post the players here:
One Jelly Donut, Please has a more difficult image.
JoVE has a good image, too.


zilla said...

I'm going to play as soon as I've got my camera back.

I'm guessing this is a picture of ... A CHAIR!

wisteria said...

Just ask Myrtle to snap a few blues and email one to you. Maybe she would like to play, too.

mull-berry said...

Mine is posted. Happy guessing! : )

JoVE said...

Mine, too. (

Stephanie said...

Mine is up!

kimzyn said...

Wow, cool idea! Thanks for giving me ten minutes of relief from winter. Mine is up at