Thursday, January 18, 2007

A New Arrival

This little calf arrived at our farm this morning - not in the usual way but in a cattle trailer. A friend of ours had a cow who died giving birth to this calf. The friend's mother is sick so he will have to be out of town a good bit. We agreed to bottle feed the calf to help him since he helps me when I have problems when my husband and family are out of town.

We get at least one bottle calf a year (always during January). The calves are a lot of trouble because of the time involved and because they have weakened immunity since they don't get as much colostrum as calves who get to stay with their mothers. Many farmers just want to get rid of them and we take them. This one is different because we have to give her back and she seems healthy.

Our only concern is that The Yellow Dog is more than a little curious. I think he thinks the calf is a playmate. Unfortunately, The Yellow Dog plays rough. He will worry that calf to death if he can get into the pen. We added cattle panels and other reinforcements, so The Yellow Dog is pacing the outside of the stall trying to find an opening large enough to gain access.

I know that I've said this more than once, but The Yellow Dog is so much like Hank The Cowdog that every time I see him I wait for the next scene from the book to play itself out in my yard. Now I'm worried. When I see this picture I no longer see the mischevious, yet only accidently menancing dog, I see a crazed Cujo type.


ANgela Mother crone said...

How could you say no to that face? Sorry, I have an inordinate love of calves...I really should see someone about it! That would be the best part about cattle get new ones every year (unlike puppies, where they get old and you wait a decade or so for another!)

wisteria said...

It won't be long before you can have your own.