Saturday, October 07, 2006

We've been counting all day

And we are still a cow and calf short. Common sense tells me they will appear, but I just can't quit looking. This, of course, has been a wonderful diversion on this gorgeous day. The children and I have walked to one of the springs, through the woods, and in the brambles.

Princess has been picking up and eating pecans at every non-searching moment. Pink Panther has been blasting his 410 every few hours to scare the crows who are eating pecans faster than we can gather.

Mostly, we are doing nothing of any merit - just relaxing. I like days like this.


zilla said...

410, what is?

wisteria said...

Shotgun. He owns it against my better judgement and my will. My husband thinks it is a rite of passage. Thank goodness my son is more like I am and isn't excited about killing anything. He does, on the other hand, like the noise. Shooting with a purpose without having to kill anything is right up his alley.

zilla said...

Ah, yes. It's not unusual for boys in northern Michigan to own guns for hunting, and of course target practice is always big, noisy fun. I don't care for guns either, but (not to be sexist) fathers & sons spending time together learning gun safety and shooting targets or even hunting for game that will be eaten, that's a lot better than fathers & sons not spending time together, right? I would expect any rural home to include a shotgun and people who know how to use it safely.