Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Looking for the Rare

One of my aunts and a cousin spent Sunday night with my mother on their way home from a trip. Monday morning, while they were walking in the woods, they saw a rare species for our area, the river otter, on my parents' place. My cousin, a naturalist, was aglow with excitement when she stopped by my house on her way out of town. She gave all the details so we could search. So we have. We have walked their circuit twice. The children and I are determined to find the otter, watch him in the wild, and take his picture to document his existence.

Rural, with swamps, pastures, woods, and hills, we have great wildlife diversity. We also have much of the "shoot anything that moves" mentality. Hopefully, this little guy will safely find his way back to swamp or stay in the "bon secour" of my parents' property. Day two - otter alert!


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

How exciting! Our local little zoo has a lovely open air river otter exhibit, and I find them so fascinating. Have a great time with the kids on your otter watch!

wisteria said...

I have seen sea otters in the wild, but never the river otter. Supposedly, they are very shy, but my cousin said this one allowed her to look at him for a while. He could, of course, been stunned to see anyone and just stunned. Hopefully, he will make the same mistake twice.