Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

We have a friend who is quite adept at making those beautiful pumpkins with all the intricate detailing. She has brought a jack-o-lantern to the children for the past two years and we have become inspired to raise our bar. We usually carve out the typical triangle shapes in our pumpkin creations, but this year we bought one of those kits and had a great time making something pretty.

I was a little worried that I would end up having to finish the children's pumpkins, but we chose simple patterns and the children determinedly finished their creations. I cut one, too! My husband's pumpkin was so interesting in its own right that he decided not to cut it.

Here are our Jack-o-lanterns!! My picture is not as great as Zilla's, but the moment was preserved. I am reminded of a song/dance Princess learned in her creative movement class:
Oh! A pumpkin is a pumpkin
A pumpkin is a pumpkin
A pumpkin is a pumpkin
Pumpkins are round.

Ew Ah ! A pumpkin is a pumpkin
A pumpkin is a pumpkin
A pumpkin is a pumpkin
Pumpkins are orange!

You cut the eyes,
You cut out the nose,
You cut out the smile,
And now . .
It is a Jack-o-lantern!

EW ew ew (witchy sounding)


zilla said...

I think a sporadically updated blog is a sign of a rich life, so you won't receive any guff from me for spotty posting.

I love your jack-o-lanterns! Mine is finally carved -- it only came out so-so compared to yours!

Did you toast the seeds? We added garlic to our this year. Quite yummy!

wisteria said...

I'm glad you think so. It could be a sign for disorganized living.

Pink Panther put some seeds into the oven to toast last night as we were carving. We I lay down in bed I smelled them. I ran to the kitchen and believe it or not took out a tray of perfectly toasted seeds. What luck!!

The rest of the pumpkin and seeds went to the horse, chickens, and cows. Pumpkin is a natural wormer if not used nonstop. So, during this time of the year (only) we feed all pumpkins to the animals. Organic farming tip of the day.

Frankie said...

Love your pumpkins! Very cute.

Life has a habit of getting in the way: in a blog's way, that is. Post when you can, you have faithful readers. ;-)