Thursday, October 05, 2006

Otter Watch Day 4

We have been diligently searching for the river otter my cousin saw Monday morning. So far, we have not seen a trace of the otter, but we have seen some other interesting things. Among them:

A meadow with a small stream,

A pond with what looks a lot like a small alligator, though we couldn't get close enough for a positive identification,

A raccoon that died an unknown death, and

goldenrod a buzz with insects.


mull-berry said...

Did you keep the racoon tail?

wisteria said...

We didn't because of a raccoon rabies issue here. Now, that we are home everyone wants it so we will take surgical gloves today and bring it home and clean it.

mull-berry said...

This may sound really strange ... but we have a squirrel taxidermy video. We watched it once then my older son decided that it wasn't for him. Very fascinating, though!

When it came to preserving the squirrel tail, they pulled out the cartiledge. Seems like it took quite a yank but it needs to come out. You can replace it with a wire if you need more stability.

wisteria said...

You are full of great information. Thanks!!

Susan said...

Thanks for the photos -