Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rushing Things Just a Bit?

Today, is/was ballet day. We drive into the city for ballet and do a little shopping, see my sisters, and other necessities. While doing the shopping, I was amazed to see the first of the Christmas decorations and Christmas items for sale sitting right next to the Halloween stuff.

Let me enjoy the seasons!! Please!! I have not finished sewing Pink Panther's Pink Panther costume. I have not carved a pumpkin. I have not made gingerbread ghosts. I have not filched chocolate from the children's trick or treat bags. I have not seen The Great PUMPKIN!!!

I want my full measure of Halloween before I start thinking of Thanksgiving, much less Christmas cards, presents, trees, lights, wreaths, and Christmas cookie baking. I don't want to be bombarded by commercial Christmas before I have even looked Winter in the face and before I have watched, at least, a part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. So, go away, you who are so anxious to rush the seasons. Let me enjoy Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, without listening to Jingle Bells while looking at cheesy Christmas decorations.

Does this make me a Scrooge?


Susan said...

Amen. I can't even tell you how much it annoys me.

Frankie said...

No, you're no scrooge...they're money hungry.

It's really sad. I went to Wal-mart the other day and the halloween aisle was GONE. Christmas had taken over. They had everything left over on a clearance rack up at the front of the store.


Becky said...

Scrooge II here, checking in lol.

This is part of the reason I do my Christmas shopping through the year, to avoid the mania that starts in (gawd) October...

Miranda said...

Having almost arrived at my warranty expiration date, I pondered your expressions of outrage at the blurring of seasons. When did this start? And why? It wasn't in the 50s. I am trying to remember but maybe it began in the 80s. In earlier years, no Christmas decorations were placed in stores until after Thanksgiving. Was it because most local stores then were privately owned and operated? I don't know the complete answer but I agree with Frankie--you are not Scrooge. These holidays have been nearly lost in piles of merchandise.