Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Updates!

My husband has been gone one week and we have seven calves! So far, there have been no farm disasters. I have wandered around in the near full moon two nights in a row to check noises - a moo that didn't sound quite right and a chicken clucking and scared. Neither sound was a result of a crisis, but you don't know unless you go and see. At first I was grumpy that I had to leave my bed to check noises, but as soon as I walked a few steps into the pasture I was glad I had come. No flashlight was needed, the moonlight provided silvery illumination to all but the most shady of corners. The damp air, wonderful night sounds, and the peace of being completely alone lured me further and further away from the house. Maybe I will hear something tonight - the night of the true full moon.

This morning when I was feeding, releasing, and counting cows and calves, Yellow Dog "helped" and ended up running one of the heifers through a gate. The steel pole holding the steel gate broke at the ground. I can't move it by myself and can't fix it by myself unless I first learn to weld. I've always wanted to learn (for what, I don't know), but this doesn't seem to be the time. I'll have to call someone, which I absolutely hate doing because I don't want anyone to think I can't manage with out the husband.

I've been researching this Gilgamesh issue. The book I read was rendered by David Ferry and does not contain the offending language. The audio book I chose for the children was Stephen Mitchell's unabridged translation. The versions are completely different which is why I didn't remember the scene. The scene was much more tame in the David Ferry poetic rendering.

After a week of over ninety degree days, we are cooler. The otter search will be more pleasant today, as will all farm chores, school and house work. I am hoping for a complete weekend of 78 degree days.

Have a great one!


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Wish we were closer...I could send my DH over to weld it for you. Funny, I hate to need help as well. You are doing a great job!

Enjoy the moonlit walks!

JoVE said...

I hate giving the impression I can't manage without a man, too, but I don't think welding is the sort of thing everyone is expected to be able to do. I think lots of men would need help with that. And if it means the gate isn't secure there are good reasons to get help.

I've been trying to teach my daughter to ask for help when she needs it. It is an important skill and not doing it because someone will think you are too little (in her case) or too feminine (in ours) doesn't actually get us anywhere.

mull-berry said...

Find a female welder!!! Lol! Actually, you do need to learn to weld so all those misc. metal farm pieces can be turned into sculptures.

zilla said...

Sometimes managing without a man around simply means knowing the right number to call. I have no doubt in my mind that you could weld, however, I think you've got more interesting ways to remain productive, and nobody's ever going to consider you an incapable slouch!

wisteria said...

Welding aside, I wish you were closer, too!

I got help to get the fence off the ground and wired up so no animal could get hurt walking on the gate or having it fall on them.

Now, I need that right number to find someone to repair it properly.