Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tractor Therapy

I've spent the last couple of hours riding a tractor and my mind is completely cleansed of all worry - not because there is less to ponder but because the vibration, shaking, noise, and routines of tractor use completely squash other meaningful thought. Much has been made of lawn mower therapy which is the same concept, but tractor therapy is far superior because of the grander scale.

My husband is home!!!, but he came home wounded. He has an old football knee injury/knee surgery thing that did not enjoy his standing, walking, and living on concrete floors for the past three weeks. He couldn't even push the clutch on the tractor, so all the tractor tasks I had been putting off until he arrived home had to be done today by me. It serves me right for procrastinating and evading.


zilla said...

Does glucosamine help at all? And, not to be a broken record, but, it might not hurt to avoid dairy, which often exacerbates joint problems.

I feel for you, Wisteria. My man gets heel spur flare-ups when he travels, and he won't listen to ANY holistic advice, whether it's dietary, supplementary, or a good ol' chiropractic adjustment. He'd rather be in pain. Drives me nuts, but I love him!

wisteria said...

I will investigate glucosamine. We have never tried it. I have gotten him an appointment with a sports medicine doctor, but, honestly I'm not hopeful. My man needs a diet change, but it has nothing to do with milk. In fact, I don't think he ingests milk unless it is cooked into something like cake, pancakes, waffles, etc.

If he listened to me he would drink much more water, exercise more, and leave off some of his other favorites.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Don't chide yourself for have done far more than most would have even considered to keep that farm running!

Glad your DH is home!