Monday, February 19, 2007

Verdi Cookies!!

Today, was a sister day! My baby sister (Of course she is not a baby anymore since she has a four month old and a three year old of her own, but she is ten years younger and I can't teach myself not to think of her as the baby) came out because she is reading Verdi at her son's two day a week pre-school tomorrow and she needed a snack. Instead of the usual goldfish and juice, she wanted something more personal, so we designed figure-eight Verdi cookies in both immature and mature python skins. Honestly, I may have pushed her into it. I can't remember, but aren't they cute.

I think they turned out beautifully, but I can't help believe the cookies are a bit over the top. Did we go too far? Can you go too far?


miranda said...

I wish a mother had brought these cookies to school when I was three. I would, no doubt, have remembered them to this day. If the occasion is special, why not make it memorable as well.

zilla said...

Perfect cookies for the occasion! Three cheers!

wisteria said...

My sister said that the snack went before the book so some children thought the cookies were just 8s. Only after she read the book, did they realize what they had eaten - Verdi launching himself into a perfect figure eight.

I hope she has to do story time again so we can have more fun in the kitchen.