Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Return to Normalcy

We use two fireplaces for heating our dog trot house. You can imagine that moving from one side of the house to the other would be unpleasant when the temperatures drop below freezing. So, we usually retreat to one side and make do. Today, the temperatures are rising to 70 F and I can actually enjoy the entire house without having to build and maintain an extra fire. In our long term plans for the house we would like to install some removable glass doors to enclose the dog trot for winter, but like some of the other projects we just haven't formalized the plan. Meanwhile, I am hoping that the last of the truly cold weather is finished. I will check with Miss Betty. She can tell when the last freeze(for us) will be based on thunder. She hasn't been wrong since I started checking. There must be something to those old wives' tales.

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