Friday, February 16, 2007

Love Is . . . A patchwork of days

On the morning of Valentine's Day, we made cards for people using card stock and wrapping paper samples. My mother got the old wrapping paper sample books from a paper company for free. Each sample is about 6" x 14" so there is enough pattern showing to give much material for collage cards.

Since the cards turned out so cute, I would like to take credit for this idea, but mother hand delivered the sample books and the idea. All we did was to think about what pictures would make the receiver smile, then cut and paste. I printed the card stock and cut it to fit the envelopes before we got started. Both children thought their cards looked better than purchased cards. We had so much fun!!

Check local paper companies for cast off wrapping paper samples and make your own cards.


mull-berry said...

I love homemade cards and am glad that your kids were proud of their work. They are beautiful. Looks like they had some cool stuff to work with!

Hope you're feeling better about Crip. He sounds like an incredile animal with an incredible life.

P.S. Have you checked your peanut butter?

wisteria said...

We don't use that brand, but my mom and dad had peanut butter with the bad numbers.

zilla said...

They look WAY better than purchased cards, and so much more thought goes into them. I hate having to pick cards out from the American Greetings/Hallmark display -- they're never as good as what we can make at home.

Angela, MOtherCrone said...

These are great! I love things like this. I am going to have to tuck this idea away in the file for next year.