Thursday, February 22, 2007

View from the Front Porch

When I went to do the chores this morning, the entire farm was blanketed with a thick layer of fog. Even at 7:30, when I made it back to the house, I could only see shadows of the cows across the road. The day looked so expectant with the sun peeking through the moisture. I am farming single again this week. My children have gotten so useful, except in the early morning hours when they linger with their dreams, that much of my day is not actually doing a chore, but reminding someone that the chore needs to be done.

I love the changing view from my front porch. At 8:00, much of the fog is gone, and with the one exception, the cows have moved below the hill. The trees still retain their winter sparseness, yet the clover and Spring grasses are showing green and the birds are skittering across the surface of the pasture.

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zilla said...


This may be the most insistent green I've ever seen. It's a good thing -- it reminds me of the willfulness of life. I look at your pastures and I know I'm going to be alright!