Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine's Gift to my Family

We haven't had a truly special meal in a long time, so last night since it was Valentine's Day and my husband was in town which is unusual for this time of the year, I made a special meal and served it on fine china. We even had champagne. The finale was a luscious White Chocolate and Raspberry Tart.

I first served this tart for Valentine's Day fifteen years ago. One bite and Hubby and I were in love. We ate half of it at one sitting. That was before we had to set a good example by taking moderate portions. I haven't made the tart in years. Hubby was either out of town or we were both out of town or I couldn't get fresh raspberries. For whatever reasons, it had been a while. Last night, we fell in love all over again. The children want to plant raspberries. The first sentence uttered by Princess this morning was, "May I have just a sliver of that tart, pleasssse?" At lunch we had to divide the leftovers fairly.


zilla said...

MMMMmmmmmyummy! Just the thing to lift your spirits, too.

Don't imagine I could trouble you for THAT recipe, eh?

I was very sad to read about your cow. I'm so sorry for your loss. Don't be hard on yourself. Clearly it was an accident.

Angela, MotherCrone said...

Oh yummy!~ Get the coffee on and I'll be right over. I wish ;)

wisteria said...

I'll email the recipe as soon as I type it.

Karen said...

Ok - you can't post THAT and not put the recipe with it. It looks devine.

wisteria said...

Sorry! I didn't think about anyone wanting it.