Friday, August 03, 2007

Mom, There Aren't Enough Candles!

Of course there aren't. Did she really think I would buy 45 candles to put on my cake so that it would appear to be afire. I didn't want any candles on my cake, but we compromised with a tall candle for each decade and short candles for each additional year.

She was lucky to have any candles to use. I don't always remember those details. One year we got ready for a birthday celebration and realized there were no birthday candles on hand. Living here has its limitations. You can't just run out to the store because they close by 5 p.m., except for the grocery store which closes at 7. Until just recently, all stores were closed on Sunday. Now the quick stop, grocery store, and the new Dollar General stay open on Sunday but with shorter hours (I doubt you needed all that information). Anyway, I used emergency candles on one of my children's cakes.

I shouldn't tell things like that. Y'all will think I don't have my act together. Though once stylized with some additional decorations, the candles didn't look out of place at all. I still feel a smidgen of guilt. Okay, a good bit of guilt. Mothers really should think to buy candles and decorations. Last night we had real birthday candles left over from Princess's birthday.

Does it look like someone put their finger on my frosting. I see a telltale indentation to the right that I didn't notice until I saw the picture. I think I'll have that defective piece of cake for breakfast. I wouldn't want bacteria from a child's finger to contaminate the rest of the cake.


JoVE said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who forgets these things. Luckily one box of birthday candles lasts a long time (if you don't put them on adult cakes) and I only have one kid so there are usually some in teh back of a drawer somewhere.

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

I've found myself short of candles only once or twice. Here's my guilty secret: if I make the cake from a box (GASP!), I will remember to buy the candles when I buy the cake mix. You can hit me over the head with your flour sifter, because I do have the ability to make a cake from scratch, I'm just not likely to do it these days -- unless someone wants carrot cake. Carrot cake must be made from scratch.

You have the same cake pedestal my mother has, by the way. Every birthday until I was married, my cake was presented on that pedestal. It's so beautiful & brings back many happy memories.

(I'll bet you own more than one cake pedestal, don't you?)


Angela MotherCrone said...

You really must save the rest of the family from possible bacterial infection. It is the motherly thing to do!

Enjoy my dear!

Wisteria said...

The cake pedestal was my grandmother's and it does seem to make every cake special. I do own a few other cake presentation plates and pedestals. I have my other grandmother's cake plate with a cover and a couple of things I got when I married.

Do you know what is in those mixes????? Shame on you. I have never used a box cake, but I did use a brownie mix one time back in college.

Angela, Being a mother has its rewards, don't you think!

Susan Sister said...

I would pay big bucks for a piece of that defective cake right now!

mull-berry said...

Ah ... a Leo! The cake looks yummy ... HBD, btw!!!

At our house, it's the matches/lighter that's forgotten.

William said...

happy birthday from your blonde hair nephew

Wisteria said...

Thanks, William!!