Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My view of the Lunar Eclipse was blocked by clouds. Funny. I go outside to not see the moon and I don't see the moon, and I am disappointed. I wanted a scarlet, sunset moon as promised. I'm not seriously complaining about the clouds. We need rain. And, more importantly, when the sun rises the clouds will block a bit of the heat. The clouds are only over the moon. I could see most of the stars. Doesn't seem quite fair.

My husband who told me not to wake him because of the cloud cover will get to say, "I told you so." Unfortunately, I let the screen door pop a few times during my reconnaissance missions. I wasn't being mean, it was really an accident. I think I'll go out one more time. You know, to let the chickens out.

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alpharat said...

I was going to go take a look at it this morning, as the time it was supposed to be visible coincided with the time the dog gets me up to go outside. Unfortunately, he must have drank a bunch of water before bed, because he woke me up earlier, and I was asleep again before it was time.