Friday, August 03, 2007

Homeschool Caddy

I've been wanting a separate place for my homeschool entries. This way, those who come for homeschooling inspiration or chuckles don't have to wade through all the canning and farm mayhem of this site. I don't believe you can truly separate life from education, but I'll put more formal learning stuff here and if you want to see what life is teaching us you can read both.

I've got something new over there, so go take a look.


Anonymous said...

What you mean some people don't like that mad switching between topics that I've got going on? (when I'm posting at all that is)

Wisteria said...

I don't mind the jumping around. In fact, I find it interesting to see the diverse lives everyone leads. Some of my relatives don't really appreciate the "boring" homeschool posts. If you are homeschooling, those posts aren't boring, but I'm trying to please everyone.

So please, write about knitting one day, rant about school funding the next, then by all means pickle some cucumbers, and follow up with a schooling post. It is certainly interesting and I feel we learn about the total you.

Susan said...

Hey, Wisteria. I like the homeschool posts, even though Junior is a p.s.-er. I'm always learning something new and getting ideas. Just now I'm glad I saw that math post, which I'm going to return to, because Jr. has mastered last year's math concepts but not the math facts. (Oy.) The new site does look neat.

Susan Sister said...

The pink caddy is cute. For those of us who read and are not homeschoolers I approve. Plus it is so organized!! With age, you are really becoming efficient. :)