Sunday, August 05, 2007


K found this Luna moth the other day, protected it from the chickens all day, and released it at night. I think a bat ate it as soon as the moth rose above the house. I saw a bat whisk by at just the moment the moth left my vision range. I want to believe the moth escaped, but we didn't see it again. The true nature of the food cycle seems cruel sometimes.

Though, I like bats. They eat mosquitoes and now that it has rained, we have our share of mosquitoes and I'm sure that bat ate thousands of mosquitoes in that one night. But did he have to eat my son's moth right at the moment of release?

Speaking of luna, lunar, night. The Perseids will make their appearance Sunday, August 12th and there will be a lunar eclipse on August 28.

Of course, if you live in the Central Time Zone like I do, you will have to get up with me to let the chickens out. The eclipse begins at 4:52 a.m.


Melora said...

What a beautiful moth! I say the bat was thinking about something else and didn't see Luna.

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

I say the bat was miraculously gifted with the power of sight and stupified by Luna's beauty. She darted away to snack on skeeters.

Kate in NJ said...

I'd like to think his moth just made it's way somewhere to visit another
happy group of children.
And the bat happily feasted on skeeters so they couldn't feast on you! ;-)