Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Southern Spring Queen

I was overcome by the sheer spectacle of the azalea yesterday and had to share. I feel a bit guilty since I have just found out one of my Northern friends is being pelted by blizzard like conditions, but once my camera was raised to my eye the inevitability of these pictures showing up here was cast. Maybe they will bring a smile.

This weekend the show will be over. I think our temperatures will dip to almost freezing and the blooms will fade. Every year we Southerners are lured into thinking the cool weather is over only to be slammed with freezing weather on the weekend when white shoes and light-weight, sleeveless dresses premiere for Summer. Because we are a slave to those clothing rules and what people think, we will wear our white shoes and light clothes anyway and pretend we aren't cold. We are good at pretending. Sometimes when it is over 100 F in the Summer, we pretend we don't sweat.

Let's go back to safer territory, the azaleas. Lest you think I have this flashy show occurring in my garden, let me set the record straight. This is my mother's side show. I was lured into picking up my camera when I was picking up her contribution for the Salvation Army. My foundation plantings are virtually non-existent, because we are still working on hardscapes.

When we plant, I will plant azaleas because I won't be able to resist the month of melodrama each year.


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

After a gorgeously sunny day yesterday, the temps have again dropped to the 40s with predictions of snow for the weekend. thanks so much for the pics of flowers...they give me hope!

Frankie said...


We've had snow, but fortunately we're far enough south to have missed the blizzard...

thanks for sharing the beautiful photos, though, as it is nice to look at when we're freezing! lol

stay warm in your weekend lights.

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

I love those azaleas!

It's snowing and blowing, and we caught a twenty-minute break in the weather and checked into the local waterpark hotel!

I'd rather see azaleas than smell chlorine, but with free wi-fi, I can do both! :-D

wisteria said...

Why, may I ask, are you staying in a waterpark hotel? Is the waterpark inside? Take a picture. I need to see it.