Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Pink Panther

We've had a birthday! Pink Panther has turned eleven and I am wondering just where those years have gone. Seems like just yesterday when I was studying his little toes and fingers thinking how tiny they were. Now, I study his fingers and toes only to see if he has washed them. They aren't tiny any more.

We didn't have a big party because he had a Scout Camporee this weekend and we didn't want to invite people only to have him come home so tired he couldn't stay awake. They spent the weekend competing in a catapult competition. They lost, but had a good time!

For his birthday, Pink Panther asked specifically for a few presents - a didgeridoo, a welding helmet (not held together with duct tape), and an iTunes gift card. When they were all unwrapped, I realized how interesting his choices were. He has so many interests that really have little to do with me. I used to be his center, his primary focus. No longer. Anyway, back to the presents.

He got interested in the didgeridoo when we were studying Australia, so my husband and I agreed to buy the didge so he can make all the animal sounds he wants. My daddy has been teaching him to weld, so my parents gave him a new welding helmet. Princess have him the iTunes gift card because she and he have recently become interested in having their own music (I still get to preview purchases). He saves money obsessively and got some more to add to his stash from Mr. Wisteria's parents. I like the interesting person he is becoming.

Make a wish and blow!! But, don't spit on the cake. I would like a piece of that banana cake with cream cheese frosting.


Becky said...

I hope he had a wonderful time!

I know what you mean about the kids developing interests that have little to do with you, or even interests that you share.

And where on earth do you find a didgeridoo?!

wisteria said...

We bought a modern didgeridoo from LA Outback. We didn't want to spend a fortune on a hobby that might not live up to expectations. They also had a how-to video that claims to teach the didgeridoo in 30 minutes. It takes longer. I can attest to horrid sounds coming from the living room.

Here is the link:

After listening to the didge for hours, I wonder how my parents handled my budding oboe fetish. I was squawking horrible.