Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Winter Reading Challenge

I saw the Winter Reading Challenge at Mother Crone's. Even though I am late joining, I need an excuse to buy more books and read more, so I accept the challenge.

I have only one book in the house that I haven't read. I received a signed by the author copy of The Lay of the Land by Richard Ford for Christmas. Thanks, husband!! This will be my first book.

After that, I will be forced to buy more books, raid my mother's shelves, or go to the library. The children did receive a few books for Christmas. I wonder if they would count.

I will update the list later in the week.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Susan said...

John got the new biography of Mao, also a book on the cultural revolution in China. He is really into it. He thinks we need to really be learning about China. Read the NYT review of the biography - it is recommended. The reading challenge maybe fiction only... He doesn't do much fiction - but has just finished Ivanhoe and My Antonia if you haven't read those. I, on the other hand, being the shopper, cookie maker, shopkeeper and all-around Christmas psycho person haven't had time to read!!!