Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tipping Point Meme

I'm not tagging anyone, so you can relax and enjoy the post. I saw this environmentally friendly meme at Poppins Classical Academy sometime in November and I thought it would be a great evaluation of sorts (I couldn't find a way to link directly to the meme but if you want to see hers, go to the Archive that includes November 19, 2006).

Three things I'm happy to be doing now
  • Driving a fuel efficient car
  • Choosing purchased food carefully to provide a healthier diet for my family, while not supporting industrialized food products like High Fructose Corn Syrup, and petroleum based preservatives.
  • Providing pesticide free, hormone free, antibiotic free, naturally grown eggs, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and beef for my family and many others
Three things I want to do starting now
  • Run my car exclusively on vegetable oil
  • Start a local recycling movement so it is easier to recycle glass and plastic
  • Grow more of what we eat
Three things I want to do someday
  • Rely exclusively on solar electricity for our farm (My husband and I are working on this now. TVA says we are the only ones in this power sector who want to hook up an inverter. I like being first!!!!).
  • Live smaller. I want to purge my family of clutter and have only the things we truly love and truly need.
  • Get and use an Oatsmobile for local errands.
  • I know this is 4, but I want a Jersey so I can have preservative free milk. I want to make cheese!!!!, though it has nothing to do with our sustainability plan.

Where is your Tipping Point?


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I know you are big into the cattle thing, but dairy goats are amazing little critters! The milk is like liquid gold, and the cheese.....mmmm! Plus, they are relatively cheap to feed and maintain. It could be a great kids project! I even think there is a unit study out there for goats!

wisteria said...

I would like to have goats, too! We have a goat sale once a month at our livestock auction, but goats scare me to death - Not in the scared of the animal sense, but in the scared our fences won't hold the wily little critters. We had a pet goat when I was little that could not be contained. We cleaned garbage daily and it ate my mother's rose bushes and anything else that looked prized. I will never forget that experience, because we were able to get the "pet" only if we agreed to clean, repair, replace whatever the goat messed up. We were begging to sell the goat after a week.

One of the goat farmers around here said, 'If your fences won't hold water they won't hold a goat." Obviously this is not true, but we need better fences.

Besides, I love those big brown Jersey eyes. Maybe Santa will bring me one.

JoVE said...

I like Jersey's too. And this is a meme I might even consider. Solar is such a great idea. Do you read Redneck Mother? She had a solar system put in last year and has posted about it lots. She's in my blogroll if you don't know of her (she homeschools but doesn't blog about that much).

I find myself thinking more and more about small farm type stuff. this is probably insane since I was brought up in the city and haven't a clue what I would be getting myself into. But there you are. Might never happen. Or maybe. Not sure. At the moment, we grow a quantity of vegetables that most people are surprised by given the size of our garden.

Frankie said...

Oatsmobile??? What's that?

wisteria said...

Jove, Consider yourself tagged!

The Oatsmobile - a horse drawn cart. Do you think I am crazy?