Thursday, December 21, 2006


I haven't been able to access the Internet since early Tuesday evening. The terrible weather in the west adversely affected my satellite connection. I talked to customer service on Wednesday morning, but after that even customer service was out of order. I know my Internet connection is irrelevant on the list of destruction produced by the wild weather, but what a major inconvenience.

I realize how addicted I am to the Internet for weather, news, blogging community, instant messaging, and to deliver ads that I wait until the last minute to produce. I "borrowed," after giving up on my service, quasi high speed Internet to send my somewhat huge 4-color ad mid morning. The entire time I waited for the file to send, the magazine representative was leaving "Where is your art? The deadline is noon." messages on my answering machine which does not rely on Internet connection.

Late this afternoon, Internet connection was restored and I could satiate my appetite for news (9 papers/feeds), weather, quotes and words, blogs, e-mail, and messaging. Since we have chosen not to have a television, not even local service, I felt completely isolated from world, national, and local events. I had not realized that a huge storm had bruised the Northwest and buried Colorado. I missed Iraq and Bush updates. I didn't get to read the BBC updates of the serial killer arrest. I missed the announcement of the title of the last Harry Potter novel.

I missed y'all!!


Almost Lazarus said...

I feel your pain. Have you considered subscribing to a newspaper? You know, the kind with actual paper? Ha ha. At least you can be up-to-date when technology fails (even if only moderately, considering how crappy newspapers can be). If nothing else, they make for great fire-starter. :)

I do have 'back up' internet on my phone, but it's pretty dismal, and I haven't yet been able to get my bloglines mobile to work. I'm still trying to catch up with a weeks worth of blog entries - either I should prioritize my blog reading, or subscriber to fewer feeds....

wisteria said...

We have a small problem with paper delivery. All the good papers arrive anywhere from a day to a week late. Trying to explain to the postman that a newspaper is dated material and should be boxed with the same speed as first class is frustrating in and of itself. We dropped all subscriptions.

I live at the end of the phone line and it is out more frequently than the satellite.