Monday, June 30, 2008

My son wants a longer lens for the camera

This snake doesn't have an egg shoved in his mouth and I didn't crop it at all. Though he appears and my son confirms that this is, as he put it, "just a king snake," I'm thinking if I have to upload another 36 pictures of a snake's eye, tongue, and scales that I will need to buy the child the telephoto macro lens he wants to keep him from lying right on top of a bunch of snakes to get, as he puts it, "a decent shot."

I have reminded him that he doesn't work for National Geographic. I also suggested that birds and farm animals are good specimens for pictures, but no. He likes snakes, and he loves the swamp, so I try to remind him of snake safety daily, make sure he has all the books on snakes that he needs to be informed, and try not to get in his way as he wanders past the pines to the swamp looking for four of the six poisonous snakes in Mississippi. The fifth Mississippi poisonous snake, the coral snake, is found south of Hattiesburg only, so I don't have to worry about that elusive snake (at least until he gets his driving license).

I want to encourage his hobbies and interests, but getting close enough to snakes to look into their eyes is a lot to ask of a mom.

Of course, his pictures make my blog more interesting.


ZILLA said...

National Geographic wouldn't be a bad gig. Aim high! (With a longer lens!)

Hang in there, Mom :-)

Wisteria said...

He came in just as I was finishing this post and said, "I wish I could get a picture when a snake was striking so you could see inside his mouth." This is the 12 year old attitude that scares me so.

JoVE said...

I was thinking "Doesn't work for National Geographic, YET." Great photo. Sounds like you have a good plan. And the rest of us like looking at these things from the safer confines of our own homes via his photographs.

Angela said...

This is such a great hobby though! You never know what is to come!