Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yellow Dog Photo Shoot

Whew!  That was tiring.


Lisa Anne said...

Funny photos, they really made me smile, we have a black lab who was so hot while we were working in the squash field, I put my white shirt on her and mt sun hat- she actually cooled down.

Thanks for the understanding words on my blog. It is exactly what I feel, endless amounts of work, weed pressure, what to harvest next, and then my daily household responsibilities that build up everyday while I ma outside. When I have a moment to breathe I have these existential crises. Yet all winter I dream of being back in the garden and doing it all again- only bigger!!

Wisteria said...

The Yellow Dog is so understanding of our weird sense of humor.

I agree, if it were just the farm chores, then life would not be quite as overwhelming. Add the house and children and it is indeed enough for a crises. But, I love my life.

Melora said...

Too cool. I especially like the ones where he is looking over the tops!

Angela said...

Let Yellow Dog know that Lucy, my Golden retriever, is a HUGE fan. She made me print out the shots to line the wall by her bed. ;)