Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Upgraded Zinnia

I've been having one of those time sucking days. I usually devote either the morning or afternoon of every Thursday to payroll activities - time cards, check writing, tax paying, employee bill paying, insurance and bank reconciling, and balancing the ledger - you know, stuff. This morning, because I had the audacity to install, on Wednesday, the operating system upgrade I purchased back in November, I couldn't use my accounting program, not locked out, just incompatible.

The software company has worried me for years about updating my software, touting all the bells and whistles of the newer programs. I always say, "This one works, there is no need. I'm fine just where I am."

It's not that I'm cheap. Well, maybe a little. But, I usually keep software (and a computer) until it ceases to do the job for which it was purchased, then I'll upgrade. This morning completely unaware of the potential problem, I began my usual routine and every time I opened a bank register, I was frozen - clicking no longer permitted. Some keyboard sequences were permitted, but honestly who knows every single keyboard shortcut for every single task and the menus wouldn't descend so I could cheat.

I upgraded.

And as an added bonus, I was able to spend that money online, so I didn't have to speak to a customer service rep. who would have probably had a good, "I told you so" laugh.

After that disaster was managed, I checked my other programs so there would be no other last minute surprises. Photoshop 7 (I think it is 6 years old, which is practically unheard of for an Adobe product) no longer works. This is a BIG, expensive problem but shouldn't effect my pictures here, since they come straight out of the camera, unless I crop weeds, mess, or something else ugly out of the picture and I usually do that in iPhoto, not because y'all aren't Photoshop worthy, but because I try to limit my non-work computer time and I tend to get a bit obsessive-compulsive once I get started.

Now, many are asking yourselves why I updated my operating system in the first place. I was given a fabulous deal last time I bought a LaCie external hard drive because of Leopard's new Time Machine feature which works so well with LaCie products. I was tempted.

Many more of you are asking what the zinnia picture has to do with this post. I just don't know, except that when I mulling over my options, I walked out to the garden and saw it. I like thinking about pink zinnias rather than expensive upgrades.

Perhaps this is an upgraded zinnia.


ZILLA said...

Can you ID the pretty butterfly?


What you go through weekly sounds more complicated than what I have to endure monthly, so bless you.

Software upgrades drive me BATTY. I use QB at the office, and payroll is in almost all cases (not for quarterly bonuses) direct deposited, which is the feature QB holds over my head every couple of years: Upgrade by such-n-such a date, or lose your ability to pay your people electronically.

Is that not ROTTEN???

And the upgrades are never really any easier or more efficient than the product I'd just gotten used to.

To top it all off, MrZ claims Intuit is now CHARGING fifty bucks a pop for telephone tech support!

If we were on the same OS & used the same software, we could trade places one week. You'd probably sail through in my place, but in your place, I'd probably want a julep or two with my zinnia.

Wisteria said...

Honestly, it's not complicated, most of the time. We do allow employees to hold money out of each check, then I pay their bills, which is a little over the top, but is better than having garnishments and having to figure the percentages.

I also have to export all my QB ledger entries to the main accounting person, so she can include that information.

I use QB and Aatrix Top Pay. I've never used the telephone support, but $50 sounds a bit steep.

Come and do my job. I'll go to the beach.

Anonymous said...

The Zinnia, upgraded with a butterfly, is beautiful. I don't speak accountant but the rest sounds kind of frustrating. Hope you get it sorted out.