Friday, June 13, 2008

Under the Moon

Last hour, I lay prone on the porch swing listening to the frogs, crickets, and the blues, thinking about how wonderful it would be to sleep out there. I shared my perch with my children for a little while, but I kept encouraging them to take baths, brush teeth, read, and get in the bed. Finally, I was by myself.

Sort of.

I wondered if I could be comfortable. I would probably spend the entire night with ten plus cats wallerin' on me. Cat hair and the 87% humidity don't mix well. Ten cats and one person in a five foot porch swing is a tight fit.

But the moonlight filtering through the crepe myrtles, the frog and insect symphony, the light breeze, and gentle sway of the swing are teasing me.

Maybe I'll give it a try.

Perhaps me sleeping on the porch would bring the rain.


mull-berry said...

I was out for a couple of hours last night looking at that same moon and that very thought crossed my mind, too.

ZILLA said...

Can't imagine a better way to tempt the rain... lounging on the porch swing beats washing windows or waxing the car :-)