Monday, June 02, 2008


The canebrake is an almost magical place with its muffled quiet of thick vertical growth and filtered light. Once you move a little way into the forest of canes light becomes even more scarce. The air is cool and damp. Cane strippings and leaves blanket the floor. Wildlife abounds - frogs, canebrake rattlers, voles and who knows what else is lurking- hidden by the shadows.

Alas, we weren't there to meditate. With work to do, we shattered the silence with the whine of a chain saw, downing mature canes with the potential to become outstanding structure for my unruly running beans.

Yet, there certainly is pleasure in work, if you take the time to find it.


ZILLA said...

Is this on your property, or must you travel to get to it?

Is it sugar cane? Bamboo? I've seen bamboo growing in vermont -- the stalks are not nearly as thick.

Your life fascinates me. You have the most interesting ways of doing things.

mull-berry said...

how big is your patch? heard it's invasive but would love, love, love to have some in the backyard!

Wisteria said...

'Tis not my canebrake. It is a friend's uncle's, but he is more than happy to let me take all I want. After we left you really couldn't even tell we had been there. We didn't have to go far, but it was down a dirt road or two. This is bamboo and is certainly an invasive species down here. Our environment so loves all those Asian imports, yet this one may be natural. I'll check, but not being a native species will do nothing to eliminate it. I think we are stuck with it.

I have a small patch, but nothing like this one.