Friday, October 12, 2007

I Never Do These Things. Really

I never do those blog test things. I'm always scared of what they will say about me. This isn't one of those blog things, but a test none the less. Are you right or left brained? Take a peek. I'm curious what you see. I'll tell if you will.


Frankie said...

Okay, I found that one of the "weirdest" tests I've ever done. I was glued to it. I saw it clockwise. It took forever for me to see it counterclockwise. I found when I read the text on the side that I could make it change back and forth.

That just blows my mind!

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

I was actually kind of annoyed that I saw her moving counter-clockwise, until she started changing directions willy-nilly. I couldn't relate the direction change to any specific action on my part, as frankie did.

I've done other right & left brain tests, and I usually test smack in the middle, as well as smack in the middle of visual/auditory, so I think this test "works."

I'm relieved she didn't pas-de chat clear off the page. THAT would have scared me :-)

Tell, Wisteria, tell! Do you agree with the test?

Wisteria said...

I, too, could see her turning both ways, but the most dominant direction was clockwise, which would be an accurate picture of my self-diagnosed brainededness(I'm assuming that isn't a word) - somewhere close to the middle but leaning heavily.

But then I questioned the test, as I always do. Is the animation switching or is it my perception?

Melora said...

Every time I glanced away and then looked back, she'd reversed again. I certainly didn't notice her going more one direction than another.

Susan said...

Clockwise but then I saw her change directions. That was bizarre.

Becky said...

Okay, that's just freaky.

My daughter and I could ONLY see it clockwise. My sons could see both. We may spend the rest of the day checking on the crazed dancer lol.
How accurate is this thing?!

Mrs. G. said...

Clock wise and no matter how many times I blinked, she never went the other way. No surprises here in my right brain.

musemater said...

Clockwise, at first glance, then when reading text she began counterclockwise moving, changing back to former clockwise when my eyes refocused and I could make it keep on changing. Only when I tried too hard was it not possible to switch views. So when I was "spacing" the dancer whirled away with only my visual focusing point varying. But it made me wonder was the illustration graphic moving randomly or was it really my eye movements? Doesn't make sense to me. How does an animation like this work?