Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Right before my husband returned from his last trip, our tenant's child came hawking Krispy Kremes for school. We don't normally eat Krispy Kremes. I have admitted here that I am a food snob of sorts and Krispy Kremes fall into that bottomless pit of artificially flavored and preserved food that gets snubbed. An easier explanation is that in order to get a Krispy Kreme we would have to drive 150 miles round trip. Trips like that make being a food snob easier.

Anyway, this nice young girl wanted me to support her school group. Since her family supports us by renting one of our bungalows, I felt obligated to take a $5 box of refined sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

A couple of days later this nice young girl tried to deliver said donuts to my husband. He told her that she must have made a mistake. "My wife would never buy those." She pushed the donuts into his hands, then jumped into the waiting car. He retreated into the house with the contraband and pushed his head into the office and said, "I don't understand shy, young girl language very well, but I think this is your box of Krispy Kremes. Do you eat this stuff while I am away, then pretend when I am home?"

"Of course not! Where would I get it?"

The children ran for the box, read the ingredients list (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree), decided they weren't so bad, then indulged. I did too. I couldn't resist. The next morning, we all decided to have a donut or two for breakfast. Can you say nauseous? I felt sick and poofy all day. The children were a bit more resilient, but we won't be repeating this spree. I'll just donate cash next time. Not feeling sick is worth at least five dollars.


ZBTzahBTzoo said...

I feel suddenly holy and proud at the same time -- two feelings that should be mutually preclusive -- I have never had a Krispy Kreme!

2nd favorite school fundraiser ever: daughters' school partnered with a local coffee roaster & sold bags at a reasonable mark-up, for an entire school year. I had no trouble supporting that one!

Most favorite fundraiser: friend's daughter's school needed to raise funds to send the choir to a state-wide event in Ann Arbor. Each singer wrote, in his or her own hand, personal letters to possible sponsors, explaining the purpose and meaning of the trip, and outlining the various costs involved. Super-deluxe bonus: sponsors received hand-written thank you notes! And this happened at a public school!! (Sad that I was so shocked by this genteel approach from a public school, isn't it?)

This week's fundraiser was a phone call from a mother of a member of the high school equestrian team. They're excited to have won districts and regionals, and are thrilled to be going to states this weekend. It's a first for the team, so they're financially unprepared; there's no time for letter-writing, and the caller was a little panicked and (forgivably) abrupt. Still, from your account, being hit up this way was better than being presented with Krispy Kremes :-)

Clearly, I've missed you lately. I'll bet you're wishing blogger would add a character limit feature to comments, aren't you...

Angela said...

I can so relate! Being new to this healthy eating thing, I had underestimated how quickly the body embraces healthy foods. We were starving and on the road, so bought at the concession stand. I had a soda and soft pretzel the other day and felt SICK (shaky, dizzy nauseous) for hours. A mistake I won't make again either. I agree...just give the $5 and feel better!

Kate in NJ said...

Do you think it's just our age?
I find even one makes me feel like that (although I will cheat with Dunkin Donuts..not KKs)for quite a bit of time after..never bothered me
when I was young.;-)

Wisteria said...

Now let's not bring my advancing age into it. Truly, I have never been able to eat sweets at breakfast. When I taught in Chicago, the big thing was for someone to stop and get donuts for the department. I never ate one. I just couldn't. I always brought bagels it it was my turn.

It seems all the fundraisers around here are food based. It is no wonder that Mississippi ranks number one in fat.

Melora said...

Lack of a doughnut store in reasonable proximity is one of the plusses of our new home. Ed used to pick up a box sometimes on the weekend, and he and K. would eat most of them. In college, I used to eat two doughnuts for breakfast, but now they give me heartburn. I suppose that is a good thing, but I do miss my youthful digestion.