Friday, October 19, 2007


The clover and rye grass have been planted and I have the bruises to prove it.

The day before Mr. W came home those in the weather know predicted 100% chance of rain in our very parched state. Though the seeds had been scheduled to be sown earlier, we never got any rain and I didn't want to cast them to hope as many in our area did. Seeds are expensive and I wanted at least some assurance that they would have a chance to germinate.

The morning of the 100% chance of precipitation, I dragged K and Princess out of bed when I opened the chicken hutch. It looked and felt like rain, so I decided to plant. I had borrowed my dad's four-wheeler, just in case, the day before. We attached the seeder, which was a test in and of itself plus two trips to the hardware (thank goodness they open before seven).

Once attached and loaded we started spreading seeds. K drove. Princess rode in the middle and I sat on the metal cargo bars. I know, I know. This is not recommended usage of a four-wheeler. Even though I adjusted the spreader to the smallest seed setting, I felt we were using too many seeds per acre. I told K to go faster. He did. We got better coverage, but my 45 year old derrière was not designed for that speed on that rough terrain and hills.

Yesterday morning, when my feet touched the floor I had a difficult time finding the will to pull myself into an erect position. I learned an important farming lesson - eleven year old male drivers, over 100 acres to seed, and forty-five year old derrières don't mix.



Angela said...

OUch is right! Did you ever get your rain after all that? You get my vote for Farmer of the Year....

Melora said...

One hundred acres? That is a Lot of seeding.
I can't mow the lawn on anything faster than the lower middle speed because it shakes my back too much, so I can just imagine how you must be feeling. Owww! Hope you got a good rain.

Kate in NJ said...

Sorry to hear about your sore tush!
I hope you got the rain you needed.
I agree with rock!

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Heh. What DOES mix with forty-five year old derrières? Please, let me know!!!