Monday, October 29, 2007

Another New Farm Baby

Another farm baby has arrived. This one arrived in the back of a farmer's truck. His mama died during labor and the calf was dehydrated, weak, and feverish on arrival. In fact, he couldn't stand and wouldn't eat. I was a fool to let him on my farm, but I couldn't say no. I wanted him to have a chance and he is Charolais (see his pink nose) which matches our pasture color scheme. After a couple of force feedings of fake colostrum, a shot of vitamins, and a dose of antibiotic, his fever broke and he got the hang of the bottle.

Though his back leg is still swollen from his traumatic birth, he is standing and appears to be thriving one week after his arrival last Sunday. With calves like this condition can change hourly, but we are hopeful since he stands at the fence and yells at us every time we leave the house through the kitchen door.


Kate in NJ said...

What a beauty! I hope all goes well.

Angela said...

Anyone with a heart couldn't say "no" to that face! I am so glad he is making such progress. I am becoming certain that when I do finally make it down to visit you I will never leave. Just find me a flat piece of ground and I'll pitch a tent!

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Wisteria, I was only gone five days and it's raining cats and cows at your place! What's next? I'll keep a good thought for the thriving of handsome boy!