Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Farm Life Today

The Yellow Dog and his question mark tail roam the premises, even the rafters of the barn. Hmmm, what mischief can I get into today???? Should I eat the girl child's hand (It's not really in his mouth. He's not that kind of dog.)? Should I chase the cows? Bark all night? Dig holes in the yard? Torment the cats? Capture a chicken?

We noticed the question mark tail soon after we claimed The Yellow Dog. Then his mischievousness grew. Somehow the tail came to symbolize the devilry of the dog. It makes me smile.

The dog is not the only one with mischief on his mind. A few things disappeared from the shed this week - a card table and chairs, a chain, the top to the garbage can . . .

I found them. I walked to the barn to throw a scoop of feed in the horse's bucket. I saw a big fat hen leaving a nest, so decided to collect those eggs. We have a few (five, it appears) rogue hens who refuse to nest in the hen house. I suppose this hay bale is more comfy. Anyhow, I was getting the eggs and saw my card table set up in the barn. The metal garbage can top was hanging on a post gong style with a stick attached. There was a chain hanging from the rafters atop the triple stacked hay bales that create the wall for the "fort," and a gang plank that leads from the ground to the tops of the first layer of bales. I clanged the gong to see what would happen. Children came running. Suppressing a smile and trying to sound stern I asked, "Why is my card table out here?"

"It's my fort!" Princess proudly exclaimed.

"That's my garbage can top."

"It's my alarm."

"Why do you need an alarm?"

" In case of an attack."

" Who do you think will attack?"

"K. . . . . . "


"Watch what I can do!!" She then proceeds up the plank to to the chain and swings across a chasm in the stacked hay, thereby explaining the missing chain.

"Your turn."

I think I will.


ZBTzahBTzoo said...

DID YOU?!?!?

(The Yellow Dog has a sproinky tail!)

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Have a blast! I wish we could drop by and swing with you all!

Melora said...

Now That looks like fun!
(and your Yellow Dog is very cute.)

Kate in NJ said...

Looks like fun!

alpharat said...

That sounds like a pretty sweet fort. Did you confiscate the stolen goods or let it stand?