Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whether the Weather

We are having unseasonably cool and wet weather this week. I suppose you could say it started last Friday with a high of 89° and a low of 66°, but I say that it started last Monday with a high of 95° with low humidity and a low of 70°. True, 95° is not cool, but lower humidity made it feel cool. Usually in mid-August we are in the broiler, so to speak, with temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s with no rain in sight, but with a stifling humidity that makes you feel as if you are breathing water. The pastures are toasted to a crisp brown and the water hoses are in place to keep the shrubs and garden from keeling over.

Not this August.

We have gotten an inch and a half of rain in the past 24 hours, and the 24 hours before that was about the same ( I know some places in Mississippi didn't get this much rain). Tomatoes are splitting and I've had to locate my mud shoes that have been hiding since early spring. I have donned my favorite raggedy sweatshirt.

Happy, I am, but what's with this? Could fall be in the air so soon? Or will the heat and humidity return to zap us again?

I'm waiting, but whether the weather says fall or summer we will start school next week and I am ready.


ZILLA said...

We thought autumn was upon us a few days ago, too. The night air almost smelled like football season! Today is a beach day (witchdoctor's orders), and that's where I'm headed as soon as my beach buddy arrives.

Split tomatoes aren't a total waste, are they? Can you still sauce them?

Witchdoctor told me this morning he sprinkled the ground around his tomatoes with granulated white sugar this year, thinking it would help with the mealiness, but it didn't work. His grape & cherry varieties are perfect, but the larger "beefsteak" type fell to blight like he's never seen before. Our season is so short it's a wonder to me our tomatoes ever ripen at all. IF I get my beds installed, I'll set out good nursery plants after the frost date and be ready to protect them.

Barbara can bite me if she thinks an ordinance is going to deter me -- I've done without home-grown far too long!

Better keep your light cotton "nursing bra" handy. I don't think you're out of the heat just yet.


Angela said...

We've been sensing autumn as well up here in PA. I found myself taking coffee out on the patio in the early morning, and needed wool socks. We've shut the air conditioners off at night and opened windows with fans. No one has looked at the pool in over a week, with the nightly thunderstorms. Very odd indeed!

m~ said...

Last summer we didn't have one drop of rain in August and it was too hot to even go out the door. I do hope that we will have an early fall, I'm ready for the red and golden leaves.

zilla said...

Welcome back!!!