Saturday, August 30, 2008


I just watched a live message from MEMA on my television. I must say I was impressed. Mississippi has reacted strongly and started evacuations earlier than most even though the hurricane is not yet targeting our coast.

Anyway, yesterday Haley Barbour, our governor, began his talk with "This is not a time to panic, but is a time to get prepared." I like that, though I'm not particularly enamored with the man. People panic all to easily. Today, he suggested inviting all old college acquaintances, old preachers, teachers, and others you may have met in passing to stay at your home during the storm because "no government can take care of every need of every family or every business all the time." That is an amazing thing to say. Our dependence on the government, whether local or national, is crazy. To think a government can turn a hurricane, or fix everything after it has arrived is not logical. Individuals should take action instead of waiting around for someone else to fix everything.

This time Mississippi is moving together to create calm in the face of a storm. Evacuation is mandatory. Why? A lot of people on the coast are still living in temporary cottages, and Katrina trailers. Though the storm is not aimed toward Mississippi, a mobile home or temporary cottage in a low lying area is destined for destruction even in a Cat 1 Hurricane. Shelters are open already. The National Guard is going door to door to assist in evacuation. Sure, as the governor said, the government can't take care of every need, but being prepared and being insistent in the face of danger is leadership in the right direction.

My parents and brother will be boarding up and closing down their properties on the Mississippi and Alabama coast tomorrow.

Better safe, than sorry.


zilla said...

Well, we don't need to be enamored with any leader to recognize sound leadership when we see it.

What a beautiful, beautiful suggestion: open your home to someone you know in times of danger or need.

Imagine what the world would be like, if every individual would think to do for others without being asked. I swear, if the world operated sensibly and with sensitivity, automatically and without so much need for elected guidance, I'd go back to voting libertarian in a heartbeat.

According to wiki, your governor not only inspires calm, he can have a humorously sharp tongue when he wants to get a point across, and, he belonged to the same fraternity as my father.

He can't be all bad.

I do envision you enamored with someone who might appear a little more comfortable in a kayak, though.


Wisteria said...

If the entire country acted with The Golden Rule in mind, what a lovely place this would be.

zilla said...

Small favor?

Even if you don't feel like posting, if G-nasty does hit the Mississippi coast, will you please, situation permitting, and as soon as is practical, let us know you are okay?