Friday, August 29, 2008

I am reconnected

I've been in a period of annoyingly intermittent phone/internet service that made it difficult to post, respond, and talk on the phone. Technically, I had phone service, but the static on the line would get so bad I would temporarily hear a dial tone rather than the caller. If the caller didn't hang up, we would eventually reconnect. DSL internet relies on static-free lines, so surfing was out. Work was out. Posting was out.

Finally, the problem, deteriorating phone lines that have been patched and will continue to be patched until there is not enough cable to meet in the middle, has been found. My truly nice phone serviceman revealed that, according to the company, replacing my line is cost prohibitive and that once the line ceases to function properly they will encourage me to lose my land line and rely on cell service for both phone and internet.

Living at the end of the line has some serious down sides.Funny thing is, I'm not that far back in the country. I am on a paved road. I'm just the last phone on this line.

Mississippi is battening down the hatches in the face of Gustav, though he seems to be a non threat at this point. I think listening to the panic stricken commentators on the weather channel who want a catastrophic storm so they'll have something to report has seriously tampered with the sensibilities of normally calm people. Hotels are booked solid. No batteries remain on the shelves. Generators are being purchased. Gas is being horded. Panic is ensuing.

I'll probably lose my newly repaired phone service in the storm (gale force winds aren't necessary for that), but this is not a Katrina like storm. I'll move my car and secure my poultry when the Tropical Depression Gustave becomes a hurricane and is heading this way.

Do you capitalize internet? I'm not sure it is a proper noun anymore. Blogger spell-checker wants it capitalized, but how can you trust a spell-checker that doesn't use a dash or space between spell and checking when it says "Done spellchecking" once you are finished. Just asking.


JoVE said...

I wouldn't trust Blogger spellchecker with our without a hyphen. I don't think internet gets capitalized. It seems to be a common noun.

Sorry to hear about your phone issues. Do you have other options? Anyone offering satellite internet/phone where you are? I wouldn't think internet over a cell phone would be very good. and might be "cost-prohibitive" for you.

I hope you are right about the storm and nothing worse than the phone lines going down happens.

Frankie said...

I just got rid of our cell phones and the hefty monthly bill, so I'd hate to have to rely on them. (We have TracFones now for emergencies.) I hope it doesn't come to that for you.

Will be watching the storm.

I am lazy and don't cap internet or many other things that I know should be capped. I don't know if internet should be capped or not! I'm still stuck on homeschool, one word or two. I always make it one word.

Red said...

Funny you mention phones we just got Triple Play with Comcast. That measn we have TV, Internet, and phone with them. We did have a regular land line and it was $43 a month and no long distance. This is only $20 a month and unlimited long distance.

We all have cell phones. Hubby, me and two children. Luckily for us other than hubby we do not use them much. But with a $181 a month cell phone bill, that will soon be going. I think I will go through withdrawls, but we will manage.

Gotta love living on the Gulf Coast. I am on the Treasure Coast, right below NASA, so we know the panic that the media puts on the public. As I write this, I do however believe that New Orleans should be extremely cautious. And my thoughts are with them.

Becky said...

Good luck with the phone service. I can sympathize, though our road *isn't* paved lol (well, there's hardened oil on some it, but big trucks in the spring and fall wreak havoc). And last fall we were able to get high speed satellite, which is *lovely*.

Though we can't get a second line for the fax machine; it would cost an extra $800 and some trenching, which is ridiculous. Fortunately, we don't send or receive many. But it does remind me that compared to most people, we are living in the back of beyond...

I can't see how the phone company can refuse to replace the land line. That sounds irresponsible and dangerous, and what if you couldn't afford a cell phone? And then there are the problems associated with cell phones and 911, and what if you couldn't get a signal in an emergency?

Here's hoping that Gustav fizzles and your phone line doesn't :)

Wisteria said...

We don't have access to Comcast or any cable company out here. I think some people in town may have some sort of cable, but it isn't Comcast and definitely not triple play. Sounds nice, though.