Friday, August 29, 2008

Reconnected (Part 2)

Ever so much happened while I was unable to write. In fact I may have to write a few times a day for a while just to keep you current.

One of the biggest things for our family is that we did connect. Let me explain.

When we first moved to the hill, we bought a television antenna, but were stymied about how and where to attach it to this old house. It just didn't seem to fit and so many other things needed doing that the antenna was hoisted to the rafters of the tractor shed (now, bio-diesel shed) and forgotten for three years while we repaired fences, the roof, and cleaned up after Katrina.

As the opening ceremonies for the Olympics were being telecast, my children were sullen. "The Olympics are every four years and everybody is watching." When we went to town people kept asking, "Did you watch the ceremonies?", "Have you seen the gymnastics?", and other choice questions. My lovely children, with pitiful faces, always said the same thing, "We don't have TV. Mom doesn't like it." At this point all eyes would turn toward me. True, I hadn't missed the television, but I had never banished it, or withheld defining moments from my children. In fact, we owned an antenna. All someone had to do was install it. Since no one made an effort and I was perfectly happy without television service, I was made into the fall guy.

Neither child noticed that there was another party involved. In fact, that other party frequently made me into the fall guy, while complaining about not being able to watch sports.


Since the Olympics seemed so important to everyone, I suggested that since we used to have satellite internet service (before the phone company convinced me I would have better service with them) and the cable was still running from that ugly pole, hidden from view by a tree, to the house, that someone could erect the antenna in that pole. K, the action man that he is, dragged down the antenna and began assembling the unwieldy contraption. Mr. W brought home an enormous iron pole, pushed the pole into place with the help of a neighbor, fastened some wires, and like magic . . . .

We were connected to the rest of the world.

The first thing we saw was Michael Phelps swim. Every night for the remaining week and a half, we turned on the television and watched, savoring that connection to others who might be sharing the moment.

This week we watched the Democratic Convention - savoring well-chosen words and energy.


Melora said...

Welcome! I enjoyed Michael Phelps. Otherwise, the Olympic coverage just bugs me. They don't show the events I want to see (I Know there were equestrian events, but apparently scantily clad women playing volleyball get better ratings. Grrr!) But sometimes t.v. is nice. Pre-hurricane coverage gets pretty silly too, but I never could resist it when we lived in Florida. I will be wishing you well in that regard.

zilla said...

I so admire K :-)

I've been the fall guy often enough not to envy him -- I mean, HER.

I remember the Olympics being important to me during the reign of Olga Korbut. I can empathize with your kids, as much as I can empathize with ... the thought that absence of TV is not the end of the world.

Excellence is always worth witnessing.

Last night, friends and I gathered with mostly like-minded people and a few not so like-minded people, downtown at the theater, to watch, on the big screen, the final hours of the DNC. It was a live feed, direct from Denver, devoid of any editorializing whatsoever, even by my (admittedly silly) favorite, Anderson Cooper.

The commentary-free feed was bliss. BLISS. I don't know if I can turn CNN on again.

Except I don't know where else to track Gustov.

I had no idea how far inland Katrina wrought her havoc and I doubt many of us did. The TV coverage was limited to N.O., and I, personally, was addicted to the Gulfport blog.

Gustov has me praying the Rosary, and I'm no longer a prayin' woman. I've been listening to NPR, and listened to Mayor Ray Nagin speak about increased preparedness a couple of nights ago, and I'm watching the maps, and ... just holding my breath and praying a lot.

(If you could only see the unsightly satellite dish placement I had to settle for... but it's worth keeping the trees!)

I hope you all watch the RNC whether you're in agreement politically or not. You know where I stand, and I'll be watching, as a matter of both interest and responsibility. The announcement today of McCain's running mate was very interesting, and not one of us at OHQ hesitated to admit we had to research before developing an opinion. Very exciting campaign, especially when it comes to teachable moments!

So glad to have you back -- I've missed you so much!

(and don't look at the clock, please; I know I'm remiss :-))