Thursday, August 07, 2008


K and I had a small adventure this morning. I mean small in the smallest way. I think our total river mile tally came to four, yet quality should certainly count. I just had to get away from the tomatoes, the computer, and from stuff in general.

School started today in our area. We're counting this as PE, science, and let's see . . . What else? Not really. We are counting this as fun. I love having time in the outdoors with my children.

We traveled on the Pearl River from almost the headwaters to Highway 19. This is a section of the Pearl that few see though it is certainly beautiful. We saw almost no pollution and no people. We did see:

Calm waters in soft filtered light,

Cypress knees (Where is modesty, please?),

Towering ancient cypress, and

Woodpecker homes. Could it be the elusive, possibly extinct Ivory-Billed? Probably not.

Mostly, we saw downed trees across the river. Though we spent most of the morning hauling the kayak around and over these obstacles, we had a wonderful time visiting a place unsullied by people. When we pulled over for lunch and to decide whether we could make it to our destination before dark, we saw what an impact people can have in our wild spots.

This is brand new stuff. The wrapper is in the heap of junk where a giant fire was attempted. I suppose this is an example of our throw away economy and society. Use once and toss.


Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful. Too bad the previous folks had not been more thoughtful. You and K should make a habit of this sort of thing.

Susan T. said...

That is WAY cool. Beautiful pictures, Wisteria. I grew up zip-sledding on the lower part of the Pearl.

Melora said...

What a beautiful river! I love those cypress trees (and knees!). I always get excited when I see a pileated woodpecker, thinking maybe it is an ivory billed (not that they look just the same, but my eyes aren't that good!). Of course, pileated woodpeckers are pretty exciting just for themselves. Anyway, great woodpecker holes, and you never know....!
It just amazes me that people will go to the trouble of going to a beautiful, unspoiled place and then strew trash.

ZILLA said...

Any snake sightings? Snappers?

Are there any alligators in this section of the Pearl?

I completely understand the need to escape from whatever's been bogging a person down, whether it's tomatoes or something less flavorful and nutritious.

The trash issue is sad, but unfortunately universal. We get it here, mostly from out-of-state tourists who bring their own beer or sodas without the deposit on bottles and cans that our state has. We saw a surprising amount of trash in Montana, too -- beer cans and fireworks debris left behind by teenagers who are provided by their communities with nothing better to do.

Some of us take rivers for granted because one provided us escape in our childhoods and we can't imagine anyone growing up without access to one. Whether it's on a river or elsewhere, you're making the world a better place, Wisteria, one child at a time.

Wisteria said...

You're right, Jove. I need to do this weekly.

Susan, I've done a bit of that too.

The pileated is almost as big as an Ivory Billed and is a sight to behold in and of itself. Of course, we have them in our yard. I saw a good video on distinguishing between the two during flight, yet if I was in a place where I thought an Ivory-billed might be hiding and I saw a big, black, white, and red woodpecker fly over I would probably forget the difference, forget the camera, and just stand open mouthed and in awe.

To be more fair, the trash was at a boat launch area, not in the wilds, where car access, a picnic table, and no supervision is available. There were also no garbage cans provided. This section of the Pearl is not a tourist, boaters, or even canoe destination - too much work. Only diehard outdoors people and hunters are even interested. Yet, people who drive up and use an outdoor area should have more respect.

Anonymous said...

I should do stuff like that more often too. It is so easy not to get around to.

Kate in NJ said...

Lovely, right up to the plastic-ky trash. We watched a family packing up at the beach not long ago, and they literally left a ring of trash around where the blanket was.My friend and I stood there in shocked silence, but P did no such thing."Hey, people...carry in, carry's the law!"
They were so shocked..they walked back and picked it up. There was a trash can on their way back to the parking area.She did say a lovely "thank you!" as they walked on.

Lisa Anne said...

Beautiful trees and adventure, we all need time to get away from the farm! I am still looking for mine(driving to New Hampshire and back two times in one week does not count!) We find it so aggravating to find trash in the woods, it is so heart-breaking.