Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I doubt I would ever style my car with leopard print

But I do like this NPR story.

And the sentiment behind it. Do you own your stuff?


Kate in NJ said...

I'm not into leopard print much, but yes, I think I do "own" my stuff.
;-) Great article, thanks for sharing it.
I put up some canned green beans using
your recipe by the way..thanks for posting it (last year)

Angela said...

Maybe not leopard print, but what about a nice cow print, oh Queen of Cattle? ;) Loved the article, BTW! I am BIG into owning my stuff, and it usually starts with bright colors shoes and bags.

alpharat said...

All I can ask is why wouldn't one leopardprint a car?!?!

The Maker/DIY philosophy is one that I am a big fan of. So many corporations want to put limitations on our posssions that prevent us from really owning them. Think you own your DVD's? Then why is it technically illegal to make a copy of those Disney films so your kids can't ruin the only copy you own? Why is it technically illegal for you to make two copies of your CD's - one for the house and one for the car?

Until corporations decide to work with their customers and meet their needs rather than make them criminals, there are lot of things you don't fully own.

m~ said...

How great is that, I'll pass on the leopard print tho....
Hope y'all aren't suffering too much with the heat.