Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm glad I don't have to commute

I've endured one week and one day of ballet camp. I'm not attending. My daughter is, but I may as well since my days are wasted in the metropolitan Jackson area. We leave the house around 7 a.m. and return by about 5 p.m. I did baby sit two days last week for my little sister, and pick up some emergency merchandise for the family business, so it wasn't totally wasted.

Oh! One other thing. I found a new bookstore, independent of course. Guess what the name is??????

Yellow Dog Books.

K and I couldn't resist the name, the books, or the diversion. A father-daughter team owns and operates the little store situated conveniently across the street from the Cultural Arts Center in Madison where Princess is dancing this week. Even though the store is small, it has some well chosen books - both for children and adults.

That's where I succumbed to temptation and bought another book. I was doing so well in my quest for less, but they plopped David Guterson's new book, The Other, right in my way. I own all his other books, including the homeschooling one, so it was inevitable that I should own this one too. At first I showed unbelievable self-control. I showed K the book and told him it was what I wanted for my upcoming birthday. We perused the remaining shelves, but I just kept drifting over to fondle The Other.

Then, I decided I needed to support small family businesses in this economic time of need.

I'll let you know how the book is, when I finish. Though you'd think I would have much time to read, I find the noisy environs of the Cultural Arts Center unsuitable for reading.

Four more days.


Melinda said...

I am looking forward to hearing what you think of the book! I used to live on Bainbridge Island, home of David Guterson, and one time (shortly after "Snow Falling on Cedars" was released) his car was in front of mine in line for the ferry. Very cool. I didn't talk to him or anything. But I do enjoy his books. And small well-stocked bookstores. I hope the remainder of ballet camp goes smoothly.

ZILLA said...

It was destiny, clearly, that you should buy this book.

At the northern-most tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, in a little town called Northport, there is a wonderful used book store called "Dog Ears." Isn't that CUTE?

JoVE said...

This is one reason we have decided to postpone moving out of the city. We can't face driving Tigger in for activities and she is sooooo social that denying her a lot of activities would be equally painful.

So the Shakespeare camp is less disruptive. We drive her there and back but we can come home in between and get on with things. I'm also trying to convince her to take the bus home. It would be most of hte way with friends and then a transfer to a bus that comes really close to the house. She's not buying it though.

Kate in NJ said...

Lovely sounding book store!
I agree with your need to
support this independent endeavor.;-)