Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why it is difficult to garden with so many cats

Cats attacking the hoe and mashing emerging asparagus

Cats resting where seeds have just been planted even though I attempted to thwart their efforts.

Finally, Zilla flat out refusing to move even after threatening her.


JoVE said...

The look on her face suggests that she doesn"t like the staff yelling at her and telling her what to do. :-)

At least they keep the squirrels from actually digging up and eating the seeds. Small consolation.

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Oh dear.
My cat lies on my keyboard.
I hadn't considered what he'd do to my garden.

We've been having pony issues and need to fence off the back so that they're not roaming free and EATING MY TULIPS! Here I was telling myself everything would be fine just as soon as we got that resolved.

I love the raised beds!
Is there a full view shot of your garden? It's still cold up here, but I'm going to do a sketch of what I want and am still in the planning phases.
I'm hoping to do some companion gardening, some raised beds, and am looking for ideas.

Wisteria said...

Chickens and the occasional cow are our biggest garden problems, but the cats will use it as a potty. We have a 6 foot wooden fence reinforced with chicken wire and we still have a few problems.

We have only 4 raised beds. Everything else is quasi-traditional rows. I do much companion and rotation planting. This year I will plant the three sisters in an ell pattern rather than sectional. It pains my husband to mix plants in the rows but perhaps he will learn to love it.

Here is a picture from last year.

ZILLA said...

If she's anything like her namesake, perhaps you could lure her out with a bit of catnip? (Just don't plant any -- very invasive!!)

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I will have to show those pics to my DH, he thinks he has trouble with the kitties messin' with his seed starting inside.;-)

m~ said...

I tried keeping everyone out of my garden last year by putting up chicken wire and bird netting. My favorite husband thought it was too much effort, but I didn't have and rabbits, chickens or other bird in my garden!
Good Luck!
Oh, I'm going to be in MS the end of June to the middle of July. Hope my favorite husband enjoys taking care of the veggies and chickens without me ;)

sheila said...

Ha! I thought I had trouble with my cat doing guest posts, I see you have it way worse. My condolences. Hopefully they are doing some weeding while they're out there. Or at least acting as Reemay with all that lolling?

We just put in some asparagus, but it hasn't done much yet.