Friday, March 28, 2008

I Need a Table Runner for my Entire House

Seriously, I do need a table runner for my entire house. I would like to blame the clutter on my children, husband, the yellow dog, or the cats (I still don't want to know the exact count), but I, too, am guilty of clutter. There are seed packets, peat pots, soil block makers, garden shoes, and garden plans on every surface.

There are books, school work, and projects on every other surface.

On the surfaces not previously covered there are mounds of dirty clothes or stacks of clean, folded clothes.

And, I have a flat of Louisiana strawberries minus the one pint I ate sitting on my kitchen table amidst the clutter.



Angela said...

I just have to say that I am glad that blogger does not have a camera to see my dining room table behind me. This winter, I've long gone past a table runner stage, and moved onto "Haul in a dumpster...I want to see the furniture again!"

musemater said...

Nah! It's not clutter unless the clean clothes are unfolded and in mounds that are becoming indistinguishable from the dirty ones!

ZILLA said...

Be advised: table runners are cat hair magnets :-)

Currently, we have BP's clean laundry folded and stacked on the dining room table. Everyone else put theirs away last night. Not to pick on the poor boy -- my kitchen island is buried with paperwork and random notes, as usual, as I have no other desk at the moment. If I had my own desk, it would look just like MrZ's, which is in the living room, and covered with mail, papers, magazines, books, you name it. I think we need to clear a room for two desks, so all we have to do is close the door if someone should drop in.

We're a visual lot, I guess, especially when it comes to reading material.

Oh, it's hell to be literate!