Friday, March 07, 2008

How many times?

A woman from here, who is just a year or two older than I, had an appendicitis, which is certainly not a normal every day event but does not necessarily mean poor health though adding a bit of fiber might help. Anyway, her appendix ruptured and the surgical team had to go in and clean up, if you know what I mean.

They found colon cancer, some sort of unidentified nodule on an ovary, and a cyst or something on a kidney. Having someone my age who thought she was perfectly healthy one day and the next contemplating how much colon should be removed, visits to gynecologists, and what if any treatments should be undergone made me think of my son's older friend, who though older felt healthy enough to buy a truck for the next 10 years only to enter the hospital the next day never to return home. (Does my lack of commas here send shivers up your spine?)

Needless to say, I have been brooding.

This is what I have determined in my brooding state. Life is not as predictable as we think. I have wasted much of mine waiting until things are perfect to live. If I continue waiting will life be whisked away before I live it?

So, no more will I say:

  • I will have a party when the house is finished and immaculate.
  • I will go to the pool with my children when I lose some weight and resemble my 16 year old self in a swim suit.
  • I will go hiking when the children are older.
  • I will write more when I have fewer interruptions.
  • I will do, when
Honestly, the list is endless. Do you have one? What if?


Angela said...

This is why I try to always stop myself before I say no to those things that can make memories. You just never know. beside the scary, the truth is that the years march past so quickly, and I would rather my kids reminsce about all the fun we had than mom holed up working. There will be years to work when the house is empty!

Anonymous said...

It's sad that we often need that kind of reminder to go out and live life now. I hope your friend is okay. Cancer is often asymptomatic, only one of the things that is really crappy about it.

So, when's the party?

ZILLA said...

It's going to be really difficult to replace the ugly green sectional before Beanpole's dog dies, but if you insist ...

Not to make light.

You're right; we've all got a list -- even those of us who aren't waiting for perfect conditions.

When's the party, Wisteria? Shall we bring a dish to pass?

Kate in NJ said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend.
(hugs) No truer words spoken..we all need a reminder of this, but I wish we'd stop getting it in the form of illness in our friends and family.