Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was scared my children and I were running low on iodine and would sink into delayed development or thyroid problems, since I use only sea salt or other coarse salt with no additives, so we had to take a small trip south and east to eat copious amounts of crab, shrimp, and flounder. Getting iodine is tricky so we also had to haul a pile of extra trace nutrient carrying shrimp and crab home.

Obviously, this Portuguese-Man-of-War needed a bit of iodine, too. Truly, we couldn't decide if the Portuguese-Man-of War was trying to eat the crab or the other way around. They both got washed ashore in the attempt and the crab did escape, even though the stings of a Portuguese-Man-of-War can paralyze.

Aren't they pretty. My crazy man-cub attempted to return every viable polyp to the gulf.


But fun.

The tide and surf was just too strong that day. Since a good number were getting washed ashore, I was scared to let him go too far into the water.

In addition to getting my monthly allotment of iodine, I got my putt-putt golf fix. Did I ever mention that I am the queen of miniature golf. I don't mean to say that I am ready to go on the professional circuit, but. . . .

I am a little obsessed. I began my obsession when I was about seven. We played on vacation and I was mesmerized by the miniature nature of the course, the bridges, windmills, water hazards, and other brightly colored, fanciful traps. We returned to the hotel, fell asleep, and then I left the hotel room and started down the stairs when my mother came to the door and asked where I was going. I said, "I'm going to play putt-putt golf." To my knowledge I've never done that again, but I try to play as much putt-putt golf as I can to keep those somnambulistic tendencies to a minimum.

We played the Tiki gods course, featuring bright purple astro-turf greens on Friday. The Tiki gods won. I didn't get even one hole in one. I birdied a few holes, but that inclined hole with the raised cup laughed at my whole crew. We like this course, even though it doesn't have a waterfall, a tunnel, or a boat, because they play Buffet, allow pirates a hundred years too late, feature live oak shade, welcome hippies, and charge only $5 for all you can play.

We came home a little earlier than expected. We got cold. Even the pelicans have taken refuge on the porch.

Of course, this one has already gotten his iodine allotment for the day.


ZILLA said...

I had a sneaking suspicion you'd fled to the shore for a vitamin D fix, or a novel-and-a-glass-of-wine fix, or a thank goodness the seeds are planted and the taxes are filed fix, or a seafood fix (although I had no clue you were so concerned with iodine, specifically -- just thought you might have had a hankering for succulent, sweet, buttery flesh).

If you were to visit our even chillier clime, you could avail yourself of the wonders of black-light putt-putt. It's really catching on. A second venue has opened south of town, and it includes laser tag and bowling! I love a well designed putt-putt course, but I don't allow myself to play. Playing leads to pouting, because I just can NOT putt!

Glad you had a fun break, Wisteria. Very entertaining post.

Wisteria said...

I'm not concerned about iodine, but it is as good an excuse as any. Besides, some reader(I think it was you), a few months back, was concerned that I was missing that important nutrient by not using iodinated salt.

I did read, a book so light that if I had dropped it in the surf, it would have floated. I did have a glass or two. All my seeds aren't planted and my taxes are never done by the 15th, so perhaps I was avoiding.

I played a putt-putt course at Sand Destin that was very naturalistic with dunes, sand, estuaries, reeds, and sea birds (all fake, of course). I thought it was wonderful, but very out of place at the overdone resort.
Pouting is always welcome in our games. We were lucky someone didn't take out a Tiki lamp with a club in fits of competitive rage. Though, all in fun, of course.

Angela said...

I am so thrilled that you are all enjoying some time at the beach. Here I was imagining all sorts of nasty deeds that were keeping you from the computer....planting, beekeeping, helping collect semen from the bulls and helping fertilizing the girls...

Wisteria said...

There are lots and lots of nasty chores to do, but sometimes you just have to take a break. This was a good time.

Oh, We only use natural fertilization here, so I never have to do that.

m~ said...

Oh, I miss running off to the beach for shrimp and crap. Up here I have to settle for farm raised catfish and a mountain view.
Glad you have your crop planted. We have had so much water that when my favorite husband dug down about 1/2 foot the whole filled up with water. Now were having freezing temps at night. Go figure, looks like it's going to be a late planting season.