Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Waiting for Rain

I think I have mentioned our drought conditions once or a hundred times. Mull-berry pointed me to this map last year when I was lamenting lack of rain. I complained last year when we were in the yellow area, now we are in the red. Yes, it could be worse, but not much. Anyway, rain has been forecast for this day for days. In fact, the rain should have started last night. Unfortunately, it appears to have moved around us. The system just broke apart and reformed on the other side of us. We did get enough wind from the storm to knock the top out of one of our aging pecan trees. The forecasters are still predicting thunderstorms, the clouds are still thick, and I'm finding it difficult to quit looking at the animated radar over and over, hoping the storm will move right on top of us instead of breaking apart and moving around. Why I feel it necessary to watch the radar, I don't know. There is at least a 15 minute lag in information. I would know it was raining before I saw it on the radar. Crazy, but it makes me feel better.


Anonymous said...

I hope it comes too.

Do you have any system for collecting rainwater in rainier seasons? Is the spring wetter? I know in the Canadian Gulf Islands (west coast), everyone has big tanks for collecting rainwater through the winter and spring because it doesn't rain at all for several months in the summer.

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Even in the Great Lakes State, where we tend to take water for granted, we've been parched until last night, and I truly thought of you, and tried to nudge the storm clouds south. I'm sure our definitions of "parched' differ. I never worry about the well running dry, and not being within city limits, I've never suffered a watering ban. We'll be within the city limits soon, though, and there will be watering bans, even though we'll be only three blocks from East Grand Traverse Bay.

Now, remember what your mamma said about watched kettles coming to the boil, and tear yourself away from that radar!

It's time for a little prayer circle.