Monday, June 11, 2007


And Zinnias are blooming along my garden fences. I planted five varieties of sunflowers. These must be the early bloomers, but I don't know what they are called. I'm weird like that. I scrutinize every seed name and struggle with which to plant, but once it is out there, I couldn't tell you its name to save my life. I do, however, have the ability to go look it up. I will. I found the name and it does actually fit the flower - Big Smile. I do smile when I see it.

The bees are smiling, too. Do you like the way I captured one of my bees on the sunflower? That wasn't the plan, but she was there and wouldn't move even after four or five shots, so I let her stay. What harm is there in shamelessly promoting honey bees?

Carousel Zinnias are beautiful, though not as big as last year's State Fair version (I still have the file in front of me). Every flower has been a different color, so far. There are pink and white, red and yellow, purple and pink, and red and pink. I look at the zinnias first every morning, just to see what pops up next. They, too, make me smile.

The last picture is lunch. Obviously, I haven't cooked it yet, but I picked this mess of rattlesnake beans and zucchini this morning when I picked the cucumbers for pickles. I'll do a little cornbread to go with it.


Angela, MotherCrone said...

It is so amazing to remember the temperature changes, as my sunflowers are little green stalks! How I love them! this is the first year Girlie decided she was too old to do a sunflower house :( One of these days I am going to plant a line of them along the privacy fencing...three feet deep!

Kate in NJ said...

Beautiful! Mine are no where near flowers yet...I wanted to do a sunflower house for P, but she is afraid of bees this year.

ZBTzahBTzoo said...


wisteria said...

All right! What is a sunflower house??

Kate, So you can soothe Princess' fears, working bees don't normally sting, unless you start swatting or something. I stood, without zooming, to take that picture. I could have smelled the sunflower without fear. Of course, I'm 44 and not 4. How old is your daughter? She probably isn't ready for logic, yet.

mull-berry said...

Here's a link to a sunflower house:

I think it would be fun for adults, too!